How to get the Cheapest Junk Removal in Edmonton
An Edmonton Junk Removal Company shares its secrets to getting the best rate possible.
By: Anything to the Dump

The price of junk removal in Edmonton is dependent on a number of factors. To get the cheapest junk removal in Edmonton, there are a number of things you can do.

  1. Choose curbside junk removal. Curbside junk removal is always going to be your cheapest junk removal option in Edmonton. Placing your junk in your garage, on your driveway, on the curbside, or anywhere we can easily access the load saves us time and saves you money. If we have to enter your home to remove the junk our job can be time consuming and it will likely cost you more, especially if the items are heavy, up or down flights of stairs, or scattered throughout a home or yard. Curbside junk removal also makes it easier for us to ensure safe social distancing.

  2. Consider the weight. For the cheapest junk removal in Edmonton, you’ll want to avoid disposing of heavier items such as shingles, dirt, clay, concrete, or sod. While we do take these items to the dump, they are expensive for us to dispose of. Some companies don’t always make this clear, but at Anything to the Dump we try to be honest and upfront as possible when it comes to pricing. For heavier items, it’s always best to call companies first to request a quote. Give us a call at 780-463-2288 for an estimate.

  3. Ask about specific items. Some junk removal companies take your junk to facilities that will charge processing fees on certain items. Anything to the Dump chooses Edmonton area processors that allow disposal of items like fridges and freezers, mattresses and box springs, as well as disposal of most electronics. That means we can take most items away that other companies won’t take.  This also applies if you’re renting a bin from us; you can dispose of fridges, freezers, mattresses, box springs and most electronics in our bins, and many companies will not allow these items in their bins. Find out if your junk can be processed for free by calling us today at 780-463-2288.

In summary, junk removal pricing in Edmonton is dependent on three key factors of factors: how difficult it is to collect the junk, how heavy the junk is, and special handling fees. With this knowledge in your back pocket, finding the cheapest junk removal in Edmonton should be a breeze.